DT Bistro: Oh Christmas Tree…

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Friend of mine who lives nearby has been telling about this place for months. Was a little far north for me, but with a car at our disposal, a friend and I headed over to taste dessert and more.

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The menu shows that this place isn’t just about desserts. Some quality pasta dishes, mains with duck, ribs, bouillabaise, you name it. Very diverse menu with reasonable prices. 

I started with the mushroom tart + goat cheese and my friend with the wild mushroom soup. Enjoyed the flaky tart, mushroom and cheese combo is tried and true, solid dish. Same goes for the mushroom soup, nothing particularly complex, just good mushroom flavour.

For the mains we had the crisply soft shelled crab with greens and the lobster and chorizo pappardelle. Unfortunately the battered crab was noticeably missing the chunks of crab you’d expect and was pretty much just batter. Disappointing.

The pappardelle (above) faired better. The flavour combinations worked, and the addition of fennel, tomato, and mushroom made for variety. The rose sauce was mild, and I think could have benefited from stronger notes of seafood or fennel. I’d say the lobster was probably a little on the rubbery side as well, but not much. Good to know: the portion is enormous for $20. Doesn’t need to be that big, and the dish frankly gets cold by the time you’re nearing the end.

Then we checked out desserts! My friend wasn’t feeling so hot and I was stuffed from pasta, so we only went with one. There is no dessert menu, just a display case that could make even the most focused person indecisive (below).

Given the festive time of year, we decided to go with the mint Christmas tree (below). The mint butter cream icing was light and tasty, and the hard inner dark chocolate shell with dense cake inside was also tasty. The berries balanced it out nicely and the cream…well it’s just nice to have whipped cream.

The Christmas tree was quickly gobbled up.

Service and Ambience

Friendly service let us take our time throughout the meal and was very attentive. The restaurant wasn’t very busy early on a Thursday night, so we weren’t in a hurry. As we went through the meal they were always around for questions and definitely had opinions concerning dessert selection (an absolute must given the case full of choices).

Photo Credit: DTbistro.com

The decor of the place is a little too clean in my opinion, I think it’s the white tile floor against the light colours everywhere else. The paintings on the wall provide some depth and something interesting to look at though, would love to own one.

The Reco?

I liked this place and I think the menu has potential. The desserts looked wonderful, the owner is a champion dessert maker and I wouldn’t doubt the other items are delicious. I think the savoury side of the menu could still benefit from some polish, but given the affordability and variety, it’s hard to criticize too much.

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 Posted by: Jacob, Visited Dec 15, 2011

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