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Tonight, I went to Veritas with a couple friends and came away quite impressed. This two-story, barely-lit restaurant is easy to walk past on King St. E, but it’s a jewel in my opinion.

At first, I wasn’t expecting too much as it wasn’t very busy and it took a while before anyone noticed I was standing at the door waiting to be seated.

The menu was divided into Earth, Ocean, and Land and was slightly confusing since we couldn’t distinguish appetizers from mains . Thankfully, our server Claire was fantastic and gave us a run down (think tapas) and her personal favourites.

There are some unique items on the menu that we were excited to try. Here are our thoughts on our dishes.


Bread with Pear Butter - The pear butter was phenomenal. More sweet, which balanced the salty taste of the buttered baguette. The flat bread was slightly salted and had a great smokey, charred taste which mixed well with the pear butter; the other type of bread was nothing to brag about.

House Pickles - I hate pickles and anything pickled but I must say, I didn’t mind them. Not overly sour, good variety, and portions were generous.

Sharing Plates

Albacore Tuna - My friend stuck to her healthy diet (very proud of her!) and enjoyed the seared tuna. It was cooked perfectly, no complaints from her.

Qualicum Bay Scallops - Two seared scallops topped vegetables cooked in a sweet potato curry. Scallops were cooked just right and the curry flavourful. However, did find this dish quite expensive ($16) for only two scallops.

Crispy Pork Belly (above) - A table favourite. If you haven’t had cripsy pork belly before, you’re missing out bigtime. Chunks of fatty goodness (similar to thick-cut bacon), fried and covered in a sweet corn relish. This is definitely a dish for sharing. I had 2/4 pieces and feel that having the whole dish to yourself may cause a heart attack…

Beef Cheek Pierogies - I really enjoyed these. Potatoes, beef, and sour cream made this a great combo. This came highly recommended by both servers and I’m glad we took them up on it.


There’s an unusually large tea selection, so naturally we had a bit of a tea party…a nice touch to enjoy with dessert.

We sampled Rooibos tea and Herbal tea (below). Quite a change from what we were drinking on Thursday nights last year…


Apple Cake - Filled with raisins and spices that remind you of Fall. It was topped with cheddar ice cream, which was odd on its own but fantastic with the cake. On top of that was bacon brittle or caramel-covered bacon. Overall, this was a great dessert that blended sweet and salty well

Chocolate brownie (left) and Apple Cake (right). Teas everywhere.

Flourless Chocolate Cake - This decadent and rich brownie-looking cake was served with roasted pear and caramel sauce. Delicious, but sadly overshadowed by the Apple Cake, which was frankly a lot more exciting.

The Reco?

Overall, Veritas was a surprise. I would definitely go again. It was slightly expensive, but the food was very rich and satisfying, and it’s an great place for sharing.

Tip 1: Their menu online is not accurate, as it changes each season so don’t rely on it. Tip 2: If you’re driving, Green P parking is two blocks around the corner off Richmond. It will save you a lot of money so you can spend more on food :)

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