HUSH: Three strikes and you’re out

416-979-9799    |    $13-27 entrees


We know, don’t eat across from Lightbox. Kind of an unwritten foodie rule. But just in case you wanted to test the theory, here’s some proof in a mini review.

This place looked serviceable at first glance with a Moxies-ish atmosphere and menu. We were initially intrigued by the prime rib only to find that they had run out: strike 1.

As a result we settled on some chicken parms and a focaccia club. The dishes looked like they’d have a little promise and the fries even came in a mini deep fryer basket - nice touch. All in all though the food looked better than it tasted. The portion sizes were a little too small so we came and left hungry, and the consensus around the table was that everything was bland. Can’t have super high hopes for chicken parm and a club sandwich, but no flavour is no flavour : strike 2.

And to top it all off, the toilet paper in the washrooms had run out (much like the prime rib) as 2 of the 3 stalls had none at all: strike 3.

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 Posted by: Kimba, Visited Oct 22, 2011

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