LITTLE INDIA: Killer lunch buffet

416-205-9836   |    $11.95 Lunch, $8-18 Entrees

Been here once for dinner, dropped in for popular lunch buffet. It’s popular for a reason.


The buffet selection from memory:
- spinach and chicken pakora (not a ton of flavour here)
- tandoori chicken (great depth, moist chicken)
- shrimp and chicken curry (just wow)
- beef karahi gosht (favourite, layers of ginger and spices were great)
- palak paneer, aloo gobhi (enjoyed both vegetable dishes)
- butter chicken (little sweet for me, less complex and a little drier than the other chicken preparations)
- pulao and zeera rice
- naan
- a few ice cream flavours

I’m missing a couple tasty vegetable dishes, but that’s the gist of the selection. For lunch, the buffet is your only option, so if you’ve got a special item that isn’t featured, say lamb, you’re out of luck.

That said, it’s $11.95! Amazing value.

Service and Ambience

We weren’t really ‘served’ since it was a buffet, but the water and dish clearing was quick and efficient even at peak lunch hour. The cheque was also delivered quickly upon request. Its clear they can definitely turn tables here, which makes it ideal for a quick (and hearty) lunch.

Ambience isn’t anything special, but it’s clean and looks nice enough. Be honest, you’re not there for the decor.

The Reco?

Really like this place and will continue to point people here for lunch. Most of the food is very well-executed and you’d be hard-pressed to find better for the price.

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Posted by: Jacob, Visited Oct 6, 2011

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