JUMBO EMPANADAS: Want more corn pie!

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I had never heard of this spot in Kensington Market until today…probably because I’ve yet to really wander around here until today (shameful, I know). If you’re looking for a frame of reference, it’s across from Agave y Aguacate supposing you know where that is. We almost went there until a friend of mine suggested Jumbo Empanadas. Why not? Here’s a mini-review.

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There’s only a few things on the menu: three empanadas (beef chicken, and vegetable), humitas, chilean salad, and corn pie. Of course we all went with empanadas and one lucky soul with the corn pie.

First the golden brown empanadas with salsa. Each one is about the size of small paperback book, stuffed with your choice of beef, chicken or vegetables.

The interesting part starts when you put your fork through the shell (above). The fun surprises were large olives, raisins, and hard-boiled eggs. None were particular sharp in flavour which helped everything meld in with the taste of the spiced beef. Couldn’t tell you what the spices are, but I can tell you it’s pleasant.

While the empanadas are in the restaurant name, the star is the corn pie (above). Sometimes you forget just how appealing sweet corn is - thankfully this dish brought back a rush of wonderful memories. Kind of looks like a small sweet potato pie, but it’s pretty deep and lined on the bottom with beef, chicken, and a lot of the same fillings you find in the empanadas. The meats are all stew-tender, and THE COOOORN is delicious. I will be back to eat this whole thing. Mark my words.

Also, go across the street and grab some chocolate filled churros (4 for $5). Actually some of the better churros I’ve had in a while.

Service and Ambience

From what I can tell all the food prep and service is run by two people and it gets pretty busy during lunch. Kudos to banging all this great stuff out to hungry diners.

It’s too bad the patio wasn’t yet open, but given that the market doesn’t really have that much outdoor seating, I’m sure this is a hit once it get’s hot out. 

The Reco?

If you work remotely close, go for a walk into the market and see what you’re in the mood for. There are some great options (especially across the street), but I’d recommend stepping into Jumbo Empanadas, especially for the corn pie. I think I’ve said enough.

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