JOEY: It’s a chain but…

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…it’s very respectable food. I don’t usually review chains, but enough people in the downtown core are asking ‘what about this new Joey place?’. I figured I’d write a mini-review just in case people are on here looking for it.


This menu has been designed with the masses in mind. It’s big: you can get anything from a rainbow roll to bombay butter chicken to steak & prawns. Generally speaking, if you see all three of those things on one menu you should get up from your table and run. But give this a place a chance.

Photo Credit: YUL to YYZ

I’ve had the pan-fried gyoza, rainbow roll, lobster ravioli and moroccan chicken across two visits, and I wasn’t really disappointed in any of them. As is to be expected, this won’t be in the top 5 best asian or moroccan food you’ve ever tasted, but it all tastes good.

I’ve also heard good things about the fish tacos, chicken burger, butter chicken, and the sandwiches. I’ve yet to hear someone tell me what they had was ‘bad’. 

I think the key takeaway is that if you walk in expecting to eat Moxies food, you’ll walk out a very happy diner. 

Service and Ambience

This place is huge inside and there are a ton of servers. That said, during a busy lunch hour, don’t expect to be in and out quickly. On my most recent visit we were there an hour before our mains got to the table and we weren’t checked on frequently enough by our server in the meantime. 

Photo Credit: Stephanie Dickinson, One More Bite

The look of the place fits with what you’d expect: modern, open, trendy, lots of TVs, a good central bar area, and a ton of seating. It’s what a nicer chain restaurant should look like.

The Reco?

It’s not a destination restaurant. It’s not a specialty restaurant. It’s not the best food you’ve had in a while. BUT, it’s good. If you’re going to be near Yonge-Dundas with a few people who can’t all agree on what to eat, I think this is a respectable pick.

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 Posted by: Jacob, Visited Nov 18, 2011

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