YUZU: More than an upscale sushi spot

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Walked by Yuzu a few times at Adelaide and Duncan (just beside Crocodile Rock). Was a little concerned it might be one of those pseudo-upscale sushi places with disappointing food, but luckily gave it a shot for lunch.


Wasn’t entirely in the mood for sushi/maki and was freezing my ass off coming in from the rain. Also found the lunch specials a little pricey and opted for a bowl of Nabeyaki Udon. I didn’t know what Nabeyaki meant.

The dish is described as a noodle soup with ‘shrimp tempura, egg, and vegetables served in hot pot’. I’ll say now that it was woefully under-described. So now I’ll over-describe its contents to compensate.

Came with mussels, flavourful pieces of whitefish, a few scallops, Japanese mushrooms, tofu, nori, tender leeks and cucumber slides, a perfect over easy egg and a large piece of tasty tempura shrimp on top. All these elements created a captivating broth that smelled and tasted wonderful. Accompanied by thick, hearty square-cut udon, this soup hit the spot on so many levels.

My friend had the tempura udon with more battered shrimp and vegetables to accompany the soup and said that both the crunchy sides and broth were delicious.

We finished with sake cheesecake (how do you say no to this?). The sake taste is very subtle, but the impressive part of the cake is its lightness. It’s almost a panna cotta texture without the jell-o/rubbery mouth feel. Really clean and simple dessert with fresh berries.

Service and Ambience

Nothing of too much note with the service. Fast enough, no mistakes, good tea refills.

Photo Credit: Toronto Life

The room looked great with hundreds of backlit sake bottles around that add character to the place. A lot of exposed break and well-positioned lighting probably makes this a good looking spot when the sun goes down as well.

The Reco?

I can’t comment on the actual rolls (other reviews have and loved them), but if the chefs apply the same care as they did with my dishes, I’d absolutely recommend Yuzu as an excellent choice for Japanese downtown.

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 Posted by: Jacob, Visited Oct 26, 2011

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