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Website’s not up yet at so no direct links to menus or more information at this point in time. Will update once the website gets launched.

Been waiting for this ‘fine food emporium’ to open for a while now. A little less than a month ago it finally opened its doors to reveal the treasures within. I’ll focus this quick review on the lunch we ate, but I promise that the fine food/grocery area will please you.

Photo Credit: Gizelle Lao, Toronto Life


The lunch menu is great, featuring authentic salads (don’t think lettuce please), mozzarella platters, pasta and pizza. This sounds plain, but its definitely not. Had a tough time picking what to eat, and am sure I missed other treasures. 

Started with the funghi al forno with hazelnuts, ricotta and chives (above). Mushrooms have great flavour, olive oil is spot-on, nuts are a great compliment. Only thing was I thought it could have used a pinch of salt, it felt under-seasoned to me given the lack of salt in ricotta.

Photo Credit: Gizelle Lao, Toronto Life

The other salad was the beet caprese (above), with tasty chunks of beets, fior di latte, and pistachios. Again very simple, honest, and tasty, but could have used salt. Also was looking for the cheese to have some added creaminess. We were served complimentary bread and much creamier mozzarella at the start of the meal that was perfectly seasoned and would have worked well with the beet dish.

For mains, my friend ordered the eggplant parmigiana that came in a napolean style (stacked more or less). She enjoyed, but again thought it was missing some seasoning.

I ordered the calzone calabrese (above) with house-made sausage, rapini, and a couple other ingredients I couldn’t remember/taste. First off, it’s enormous! I liked the dough/crust but I found the insides a little underwhelming flavour-wise. There’s also a significant part of it (the ends) which have none of the ‘toppings’, which makes for a lot of bread and cheese eating. This is typical of a calzone, but this was huge so it made the empty ends more pronounced. Servers should warn or it should be designated as a sharing plate.

Service and Ambience

First off, the place looks great, and after walking through the store side you’re very ready to try the ingredients. The dining area itself is a reasonably big space, but there isn’t a lot of seating so it could be difficult getting a table when busy.

Our server was an Italian from Napoli, which was a nice touch. Always adds authenticity. Still wish he would have warned me about the size of the calzone for lunch, but maybe he thought I could handle it.

The Reco?

While not everything was perfect, signs of finesse mixed with intriguing menu items makes me want to come back. I’m certain the rest of the menu holds gems and the store side alone makes this a worthy visit. 

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