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Before heading over to Loire, I’d only heard vague details about it, not nearly enough to make it a must visit. All thanks to Dish Duel, I had my eyes opened to this great bistro on Harbord that I’m sure to revisit.

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Chef Dupoire’s menu is 15 dishes deep and not necessarily as traditional french as you might think. Yes, you’ve got your duck, dupuy lentils, frog legs, but you also will see things like salsa verde and ricotta cheese incorportated.

We started with the pistachio-crusted goat cheese served with roasted beets, arugula, red pepper coulis and charred lemon dressing. A tasty dish to be sure, but the flavour combinations are fairly conventional (goat cheese, beets, red pepper). The pistachio and charred lemon didn’t seem to be strong flavours.

Next up, the incredible Dish Duel offering (above). This was created custom for the competition by the enthusiastic kitchen and it shows (currently in the final round of the competition!). Here’s how I described it for the tournament:

A showcase on a plate. The attention to detail, execution of the proteins and blend of flavours was fantastic. Maybe my favourite of the competition thus far. The short ribs were perfect, melt-in-your-mouth and full of beefy-flavour. Maple-glazed pork belly inspired audible noises from my dining companion: great crispy edges, barely sweet and fatty goodness. To compliment all of this, the carrot and romesco sauces together form a base of subtle sweet and spice, in concert with the hint of blue cheese found in the lentils. Confit shallot and crisp pork skin on top round out this impressively presented plate. Bravo!

Photo Credit: Food Junkie Chronicles

Now you’d think after having the awesome pork belly dish above that we would have forgotten about this striped sea bass. Not a chance. The fish was prepared to perfection with nice crispy skin, an unusually flavourful salsa verde, and root vegetables to round everything out. This fish of the day was anything but an afterthought. 

Still hungry, and on a bit of a high from the mains, we ordered the tarte au sucre (above) and creme brulee (below). The two highlights of the tarte were actually its accompaniments. The vanilla ice cream was decadent and the berry compote on the end HAD to have had juniper berries in it. Was a great tart accompaniment to the sweet and creamy on the plate.

Photo Credit: Food Junkie Chronicles

This creme brulee was genius for one simple reason: cinnamon heart sugar. I’ve never heard of anyone else blending cinnamon hearts and then taking a blowtorch to them. Not sure exactly what flavoured the creme itself, but the topping was so brilliant that this dish succeeded on cleverness alone.

Service and Ambience

The room’s a fair size and a comfortable mix between modern and comfort. It actually mirrors the restaurant’s description, casual gourment, quite well. We were visiting on a fairly quiet night during the week so no worries on the speed of service.

Our server was very knowledgeable and attentive throughout the night, even though he appeared to be the only one manning the entire dining room. Well done sir!

The Reco?

Really enjoyed my meal here overall. Definitely recommend trying the Dish Duel dish as you’d expect; hoping they get it onto their permanent menu. Even without it, your meal should be satisfying at the very least. Enjoy.

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