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Been giving a lot of three-star ratings recently, which is a credit to a lot of the food in this city. Who knew an awesome soup and wrap place was literally beside Khao San Road? It doesn’t have a ton of curb appeal as you’re walking by, but you’re missing out if you’ve never walked in. Wasn’t going to review it at first, but then realized it was necessary.

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The menu has essentially 10 things on it, which is all you’re going to want when deciding. They all sound quite good at first glance, and since you’ve got to order at the door, it’s a good size. The menu has two sections, six soups, four wraps and some specials too. 

After scanning the soup list and wrap list, it was clear I was getting a combo for $10.99 - such a deal. I went for the corn chowder with blue crab and basil coupled with the roasted pork shoulder wrap packed with baby spinach, slaw, edamame, and a nice tamarind ketchup (below).

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The soup was very balanced, which is what I always look for in soup. Basil flavour compliments the starchy corn and the blue crab adds texture + a nice seafood flavour to the bowl. The grilled wrap was a surprise with flavourful pieces of spiced pork (not ultra-tender, but good) and a lot of vegetable content. This place is more than soups for sure.

Everyone else around the table also enjoyed their pairings. We sampled the porcini wild rice bisque and both the oven-roasted chicken and curried beef wraps. Those are also great choices if they tickle your fancy.

Service and Ambience

The whole process is in a fast-food style, and there isn’t a big space for ordering at the start, so at lunch it gets packed with folks trying to get their order to one person at the cash. That said, it goes pretty quickly and they’ll bring your order to you in the seating area, which is helpful to clear out traffic from the front.

Photo credit: Casey Cunningham, blogTO

In the winter - when soup is king - the patio is closed, but it looks great in pictures so I’m definitely coming back in the summer (and a few times more before in anticipation). On a completely unrelated note, everything that comes out of the kitchen sits on lazy susans, which is just plain cool. All weren’t exactly balanced so your food may move on it’s own. 

The Reco?

I usually don’t love ‘soup places’ but this one works. I’d eat everything on the menu, it’s elevated comfort food, and it’s really good value. I’ll be coming back frequently for lunch and would recommend you do the same. Enjoy.

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